Summer toboggan run Wasserkuppe: The leisure highlight for young and old

An absolute highlight in the Rhön region are the summer toboggan runs in the ski and toboggan centre on the Wasserkuppe.

Double summer toboggan run

The double summer toboggan run winds its way downhill from the mountain station next to the Märchenwiesenhütte on a winding route of 700 metres. You decide the pace yourself. Especially comfortable: After the descent the lift takes you back up the mountain.

Length of the uphill track ~ 480 m
Length of the downhill track 2 x 700 m
Ascent ~ 3 min
Downhill run ~ 2 – 4 min


The Rhönbob right next door is another attraction of this facility. Here you race down the slope with a toboggan on fixed stainless steel tubes. The varied route offers some surprises…

With the Rhönbob you can ride in any weather, even on ice and snow. Whether you prefer to go fast or leisurely, you can steer the Rhönbob yourself at any time.

You can use the comfortable and automatic return transport to the top for a breather before the next descent.

Length of the uphill track ~ 470 m
Length of the downhill track ~ 1.050 m
Ascent ~ 4 min
Downhill run ~ 2 – 5 min

Wie-Li Wasserkuppe

The „Wie-Li“ chairlift, which runs on rails, takes up to four people per carriage comfortably up the mountain all year round. There is also enough space for sledges or snowboards.

Length of the uphill track ~ 600 m
Length of the downhill track ~ 700 m
Ascent ~ 4 min
Downhill run ~ 6 min

Witches‘ broom

How the witches fly through the forest … you can do that with our witches‘ broom. The gondolas then sweep along the almost 300 metre long track at up to 25 km/h by gravity. Once at the destination point, the Hexenbesen, which seats two people, is accelerated uphill again by an „accelerator“ and the next downhill cycle begins.

Length ~ 300 m
Flight time ~ 1 min

Märchenwiese (Fairytale meadow)

The Märchenwiese (fairytale meadow) area on the Wasserkuppe has even more to offer, especially for children: For the little ones there is an exciting wooden marble run.

And if you have a little courage, you can – well secured, of course – take on the challenges of the Wasserkuppe climbing forest.