Sommer in der Hochrhön

Especially on a hot midsummer’s day an excursion to the mountain is recommended!

In summer, when the heat in the cities becomes unbearable, a visit to Hessen’s highest mountain is a sensible alternative to an outdoor swimming pool.

Up here, at an altitude of almost 1000 metres, the temperatures are always a few degrees below the record levels down in the lowlands. In addition, a pleasant breeze often provides cooling on the mountain, which is freely approached from all directions.

Also highly recommended for cooling: In the Hotel Deutscher Flieger you can get delicious ice cream from the Eisheiligen ice cream manufactory!

Some jokingly say: “Summer is the most beautiful week in the Rhön.” And yet the Wasserkuppe in particular has considerably more hours of sunshine than Kassel or Frankfurt, for example. And the sensational summit panorama to the west always offers opportunities to enjoy moving sunsets.

Midsummer at the Wasserkuppe

The many summer leisure activities are now in peak season: glider pilots, model aircraft and paragliders all make their circles in the thermal. The summer toboggan runs invite you to rapid descents on the Märchenwiese. The wooden ball track and the climbing forest are also very popular with children.

At the Wasserkuppe e-bike rental, you can get the right vehicle to explore the varied landscape comfortably and yet sporty.

Big and small sights

Many large and small sights now lure walkers and hikers out into nature: the Radom and the highest point in Hessen, the famous flying monument, the steeply towering horse’s head…

The Wasserkuppe is also a perfect place for friends of nature and landscape photography to take extraordinary pictures. On balmy summer nights the low light pollution here in the “Sternenpark Rhön” benefits astrophotographers.

And if you simply want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, the holiday homes in the Wasserkuppe holiday village offer the perfect accommodation – with your own sauna and outdoor whirlpool if you wish!

Summer hiking tip: Hochrhöner®-Extratour “Red Moor”

This day hike takes you through several nature reserves between the Heidelstein on the “Lange Rhön” and the Wasserkuppe, including the especially worth seeing Red Moor:

Rotes Moor: Morsee
  • Duration: 6.0 hours
  • Length: 18.1 kilometres
  • Experience value: High
  • Highest point: 924 meters above sea level
  • Elevation gain: Ascent 469 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Type of tour: round trip, day trip
  • Signalization: Red “R” on white background
  • Start: car park Moordorf, alternative: car park Moorwiese, car park Schornhecke