Frühling auf der Wasserkuppe

In the Hochrhön it can take a little longer until the winter is over.

While in the valleys the flora is already fully awakened, up here at an altitude of almost 1000 metres, coltsfoot first opens its light yellow flowers.

Buttercup, lesser celandine and primroses also provide a splash of colour on the meadows and along the paths.

In sheltered areas, residual snow can persist until late spring. Snowfall is sometimes possible again in May, as are weather periods with T-shirt temperatures.

Nature experiences at almost 1000 meters altitude

It is a very special experience to watch the awakening nature up here on the mountain. The colour of the bristle grass meadows freed from snow changes within a few days from yellow tones to strong, rich green.

As soon as the beech trees have unfolded their first leaves, the beech forests typical for the Rhön present themselves in a delicate light green.

In spring, the e-bike and hiking main season also starts in the Hochrhön

Spring also marks the start of the main e-bike and hiking season in the Rhön.

For example, the neighbouring “Rote Moor” can be reached by e-bike in a few minutes. Especially in spring, a walk on the plank path through the Carpathian birch forest is a tip for all nature lovers.

This hiking tour promises a particularly intensive nature and landscape experience for hikers:

Hochrhöner® Extratour Guckaisee

On the Extratour Guckaisee you will experience the mountain of gliders – the 950m high Wasserkuppe, the striking horse’s head which offers a real summit experience, the picturesquely situated Guckaisee and other scenic highlights.

Information boards on the cultural history of the Fulda spring and the aviation monument as well as on the geology and nature of selected locations provide background information. Splendid vantage points can be found on the Abtsrodaer Kuppe, the Wasserkuppe (numerous refreshment stops), the Pferdskopf, the Feldberg and the Schafstein.

The Schafstein with its scree slopes is a nature reserve and a national geotope. The Guckaisee with restaurant, Obernhausen and the Wasserkuppe invite you to take a break. The German Gliding Museum with model flight, the Rhön Info Centre and the UNESCO Information Centre complete the tour. (Source:

  • Title: Hochrhöner® Extratour Guckaisee
  • Duration: 7.0 hours
  • Length: 20.2 kilometres
  • Experience value: Intensive
  • Highest point: 928 meters
  • Altimeter: Ascent 712 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Difficult
  • Type of tour: round trip, day trip
  • Signalization: Red “G” on white background
  • Start/end: Wasserkuppe or Lake Guckais
Extratour Guckaisee