Rhöner Bauernladen Wasserkuppe

Regional and delicious: Shopping in the Rhön farm shop

The Rhön farm shop (“Rhöner Bauernladen”) on the Wasserkuppe offers the variety of 53 Rhön direct marketers and its own specialities.

Whether you want to “eat the same thing”, bring your own food or provide for yourself: there is something for everyone.

We are looking forward to your visit!

  • Oven-fresh Rhön farmhouse bread
  • Rhöner sausage specialities from lamb, beef and pork
  • Rhön game and Rhön goat
  • Rhön cheese specialities:
  • Organic cow’s milk cheese
  • Organic sheep’s cheese
  • Organic goat cheese
  • Rhön jams and honeys
  • Rhön spices, pestos, vinegar and oils, vegan spreads
  • Rhöner brandies and fruity liqueurs
  • unusual noodles and tea blends
  • Sheep wool products: Wool shoes, lambskins, sheep wool socks, fur shoes for babies
  • Propolis
  • Literature about the Rhön and especially thrillers

If you would like to enjoy the regional specialities from the biosphere reserve at home, you can also simply order from the online shop rhoener-bauernladen.de.

Picture credits: Pictures are from “Hof und Direkt”.

Rhöner Bauernladen Logo

Rhöner Bauernladen

Wasserkuppe 52
36129 Gersfeld (Rhön)