“Not gigantic, but enchantingly beautiful”

– is how a Rhön folk song aptly describes the fascinating low mountain range landscape in the heart of Germany.

From the Wasserkuppe you have a free panoramic view in all directions over the “Land of the Open Faraway”, as the Rhön is also called: On a clear day, the view from the Feldberg in the Taunus Mountains sweeps over the Bavarian and Thuringian Rhön and often far beyond.

Many big and small sights

Just as diverse as the landscape is the flora and fauna, which can be discovered here at an altitude of almost 1000 metres. At several places the Wasserkuppe offers a glimpse into the early geological history of the volcanic region.

The history of gliding and the role of the Wasserkuppe in the “Cold War” can be explored in the gliding museum and in the Radom.

Abtsrodaer Kuppe Sonnenuntergang
Places of interest
Schmetterling auf der Wasserkuppe


The Wasserkuppe is ideal for wildlife observation. Especially the wild birds and butterflies attract wildlife photographers to the mountain again and again.

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Lerchenküppel – Lark Dome

The larks’ dome is a striking basalt formation near the horse’s head. With its 14 million years it is one of the youngest rocks in the Rhön.

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Rotes Moor: Morsee

Red Moor – Rotes Moor

Im Naturschutzgebiet “Rotes Moor” führt ein Bohlenpfad durch das sehenswerte Hochmoor. Von der Wasserkuppe geht man knapp 40 Minuten zum Roten Moor.

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Fuldaquelle Wasserkuppe

Fulda river spring

Only a few metres below the “Fuldaquelle car park” on the road from the Wasserkuppe to Gersfeld, the Fulda springs up and invites you to take refreshment.

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Radom Wasserkuppe

Radom Wasserkuppe

After military use, the Radom Wasserkuppe was converted into Hessen’s highest viewing platform, landmark, exhibition and event location.

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Abtsrodaer Kuppe Panorama

Abtsrodaer Kuppe

The Abtsrodaer Kuppe is a popular photo motif, a striking vantage point and model flight launch site. Not only geologists are enthusiastic about the basalt formation!

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The striking Milseburg rises northwest of the Wasserkuppe. The “Pearl of the Rhön” is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the region.

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Säulen der Erinnerung

Pillars of Remembrance

The “Pillars of Remembrance” show the coats of arms of the three air force units and are intended to commemorate the soldiers as well as peace and freedom.

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Pferdskopf peak

The Pferdskopf is a striking basalt peak southwest of the Wasserkuppe mountain in the middle of Germany, which can be climbed from two sides.

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Segelflugmuseum Wasserkuppe

Glider Museum Wasserkuppe

The team of the Wasserkuppe Gliding Museum has set itself the task of presenting the development of gliding and the achievements of the pioneers.

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Fliegerdenkmal Wasserkuppe

Aviation memorial Wasserkuppe

The aviation monument on the western slope of the Wasserkuppe is one of the most photographed motifs of the Rhön and is worth a visit at any time of the year.

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Blume Wasserkuppe


Few regions in Central Europe are as rich in plant species and plant communities in a comparable area as the Rhön midlands.

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