Unser kleines Waffelhaus Wasserkuppe

Here you get the legendary waffle on a stick!

“Our little waffle house” right next to the Rhön farm shop offers delicious freshly baked waffles on a stick, with chocolate coating if desired.

A waffle from the little waffle house is not only for the little visitors a must for a trip to the Wasserkuppe!

Waffles, crêpes, hot and cold drinks…

In addition to waffles, the small waffle house also offers freshly baked crêpes with various extras such as applesauce, jam, nutella, banana or marzipan. If you prefer a hearty meal, you can have a crêpe made with boiled ham, cheese or in the pizza version.

This is accompanied by coffee, cocoa and tea as well as a selection of cold drinks.

In front of the small waffle house, some tables invite you to take a rest after your hike or for a refreshment before visiting the summer toboggan run.

Unser kleines Waffelhaus - Logo

Unser kleines Waffelhaus

Wasserkuppe 52
36129 Gersfeld