Wasserkuppe - Herbst - Inversion

In late summer the Wasserkuppe presents itself especially intense

For hikers and nature lovers, late summer and autumn are the high season for particularly intensive nature experiences.

At the end of the summer, the fascinating low mountain range landscape in the border triangle of Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia often appears in a golden glow.

When the first rays of sunshine have cleared their way through the morning mists, the view opens up to colourful forests. The “Land of the Open Faraway” now appears in the typically mild sunlight to which the “Golden October” also owes its name.

Between T-shirt and winter coat…

While in autumn you can expect pleasantly warm late summer days, in October the first snowfall can occur in the high areas of the Rhön. Therefore, when you go on an excursion on foot or by e-bike, you should be prepared for cooler temperatures here at an altitude of just under 1000 metres.

Tip: A hot mulled wine or tea by the open fireplace in the restaurant Peterchens Mondfahrt is the perfect end to an autumn hike in the Rhön!

The highlight in autumn: Inversion weather conditions

An extraordinary natural spectacle attracts nature lovers and landscape photographers to the Wasserkuppe every autumn. In so-called inversion weather conditions, the valleys often remain shrouded in thick, cold fog all day long. In the layer of warm air above, it is then often pleasantly mild, almost windless and sunny at the summit of the Wasserkuppe.

It is an impressive and uplifting experience to enjoy the sunshine on the Wasserkuppe on such a day with inversion weather conditions, while the lowlands remain shrouded in a thick blanket of fog.

Up here, you will not only feel “above the clouds”, but also “950 meters above the daily routine”.

Indian summer hiking tip: Hochrhöner®-Extratour “Hochrhöntour”

On numerous narrow paths the Extratour ‘Hochrhöntour’ leads through the largest extra-alpine nature reserve in Bavaria, the ‘Lange Rhön’. The varied, open landscape offers a constantly changing view of the plateau of the ‘Lange Rhön’ and far beyond.

Blick von der Langen Rhön zur Wasserkuppe
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Length: 14.8 kilometres
  • Experience value: Intensive
  • Highest point: 910 meters above sea level
  • Elevation gain: Ascent 341 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Type of tour: Round trip
  • Signalization: Red “H” on white background
  • Access: Hiker’s car park Schornhecke, alternatively: Thüringer Hütte