Air sports centre Wasserkuppe

The Wasserkuppe has been known and loved internationally as the “mountain of aviation” since the beginnings of aviation over 100 years ago.


Directly on the highest airfield in Germany, the Wasserkuppe is home to the oldest flying school in the world.

In addition to flight training for pilot licenses, the flying school also offers charter and Rhön sightseeing flights with motor and glider aircraft.

Hang gliding and paragliding

The partly square kilometer large, obstacle-free and wind-free flying and practice slopes make the Wasserkuppe one of the best extra-alpine flying areas.

The Rhön hang-gliding and paragliding schools Papillon Paragliding are considered the most popular flying school in Germany (according to licences granted since 2000) and offer paragliding courses all year round at the Wasserkuppe flying centre.

Club and guest pilots are also welcome at the Wasserkuppe.

Pedestrians can take off together with a professional paragliding tandem pilot for an unforgettable flight down to the valley.

Model flight

Model gliding on the Wasserkuppe also has a long tradition. Every year the mountain is the venue of renowned competitions.

Low mountain balloon rides

In the morning and evening hours you can often see hot air balloons floating majestically in the Rhön sky.

The view from the balloon basket over the varied low mountain range landscape in the border triangle of Bavaria, Hesse and Thünrigen makes such a balloon flight a very special experience.

Modellflug Wasserkuppe

Model flying

The traditional slopes of the Wasserkuppe are internationally known and popular with model aircraft enthusiasts. Model gliding tournaments take place here regularly.

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Drachenfliegen Wasserkuppe


On the Wasserkuppe mountain you can learn hang-gliding since the 1970s or as a pilot start to beautiful flights with a hang glider.

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Heißluftballon-Fahrt Wasserkuppe

Balloon flights

Enjoy the elevated feeling of travelling in a hot-air balloon over the mountains and crests of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön!

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Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe


Take off on a round flight over the Rhön! The Wasserkuppe flying school offers sightseeing flights by motorised and glider.

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Paragliding Wasserkuppe


Learn to paraglide happily and safely with Papillon Paragliding, Germany’s most popular flying school (according to licenses issued since 2000).

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