Discover now the many leisure activities of the Wasserkuppe and the Rhoen low mountain range!

Here we have compiled a list of activities, sights, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and interesting facts for your Rhön holiday.

Right in the middle of Germany: The Wasserkuppe is a worthwhile destination for the whole family 365 days a year.

Have fun planning your holiday and see you soon in the Hochrhoen midlands region!

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Papillon Paragliding
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Summer activities
Paragliding Wasserkuppe


Learn to paraglide happily and safely with Papillon Paragliding, Germany’s most popular flying school (according to licenses issued since 2000).

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Drachenfliegen Wasserkuppe


On the Wasserkuppe mountain you can learn hang-gliding since the 1970s or as a pilot start to beautiful flights with a hang glider.

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Heißluftballon-Fahrt Wasserkuppe

Balloon flights

Enjoy the elevated feeling of travelling in a hot-air balloon over the mountains and crests of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön!

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Modellflug Wasserkuppe

Model flying

The traditional slopes of the Wasserkuppe are internationally known and popular with model aircraft enthusiasts. Model gliding tournaments take place here regularly.

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Segway-Touren Rhön


RhönRoller-Parcours & QuerbeeTours – Teambuilding with cruising effect: Start your QuerbeeTour on the Segway® on the Wasserkuppe!

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Badesee Guckaisee

Swimming lake Guckaisee

Directly at the foot of the Wasserkuppe, sheltered from the wind and nestled between Pferdskopf and Eube, are the swimming and fishing lakes Guckaisee.

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Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe


Take off on a round flight over the Rhön! The Wasserkuppe flying school offers sightseeing flights by motorised and glider.

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Wanderung Rhön


The varied low mountain range landscape of the centrally located Rhön is rightly considered Germany’s No. 1 hiking paradise.

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Sommer in der Hochrhön

Summer on the Wasserkuppe

When the valleys are hot in the middle of summer, the Wasserkuppe (950m) is an ideal destination. Now is high season for all outdoor activities!

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Gruppenhaus Wasserkuppe - Terrasse

Group house Wasserkuppe

The group house in the holiday village Wasserkuppe with saunas and swimming spa pool is the ideal accommodation for up to 12 (maximum 16) persons.

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Feriendorf Wasserkuppe

Holiday village Wasserkuppe

Whether alone, in pairs, with family or with friends: Enjoy relaxation in the holiday village Wasserkuppe, 950 meters above the everyday life!

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Gastronomy & Shopping
Unser kleines Waffelhaus Wasserkuppe

Our Little Waffle House

Pure or with chocolate coating: Those who visit the Wasserkuppe should not miss a delicious, freshly baked wafer from “Our Little Waffle House”!

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Regionalladen Wasserkuppe

Regional shop Wasserkuppe

As a “shop window of the Rhön” the lovingly furnished regional shop Wasserkuppe.presents a large selection of regional products.

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Rhöner Bauernladen Wasserkuppe

Rhön farm shop Wasserkuppe

The Rhön farm shop on the Wasserkuppe offers delicious Rhön specialities seasonal – regional – ecological! Ideal to bring along or for self-catering.

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Wasserschnuppe Wasserkuppe

Wasserschnuppe Wasserkuppe

The Wasserschnuppe Wasserkuppe offers carefully selected beautiful things like jewellery, games, art, design objects and not everyday clothes.

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Imbiss Walter Wasserkuppe

Imbiss Walter

Imbiss Walter with beer and winter garden offers weekly changing delicious specialities in summer – on the sunny side of the Wasserkuppe!

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Märchenwiesenhütte Wasserkuppe

Märchenwiese hut

Stop in at the Märchenwiesenhütte and enjoy delicious food and drinks in a cosy atmosphere and directly at the summer toboggan run!

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Die Eisheiligen ice cream

Die Eisheiligen ice cream

Finest ice cream without artificial additives or other nonsense from the local ice cream manufacturer Die Eisheiligen is also available on the Wasserkuppe!

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Places of interest


The striking Milseburg rises northwest of the Wasserkuppe. The “Pearl of the Rhön” is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the region.

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Schmetterling auf der Wasserkuppe


The Wasserkuppe is ideal for wildlife observation. Especially the wild birds and butterflies attract wildlife photographers to the mountain again and again.

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Winter activities
The Wasserkuppe: Mountain holiday in the middle of Germany